The Ultimatum Season 2: Who got engaged and who split?

The Netflix series’ second season focused on five couples: Lisa and Brian, Roxanne and Antonio, Riah and Trey, Alex and Kat, and Ryann and James.

Another season of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On has come to a close, revealing the destiny of five couples.

The final two episodes of Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s Netflix reality series were released on Wednesday. Fans learned what happened to Lisa Horne and Brian Okoyein, Roxanne Kaiser and Antonio Mattei, Trey Brunson and Riah Nelson, Kat Shelton and Alex Chapman, and Ryann McCracken and James Morris in the season 2 finale and reunion.


The major question, as expected, was whether any of these couples got engaged. And, for those that did, did they stick together after the end?

Scroll down to see where all five pairs are now.

Lisa Horne and Brian Okoyein

Lisa Horne and Brian Okoyein

Fans may recall that Lisa, 32, and Brian, 29, left season 2 early after Lisa discovered she was pregnant in episode 3. The revelation came after an epic confrontation between the two, which was sparked by Brian’s growing relationship with fellow castmate Riah and ended with Lisa hurling expletives at him and being led away by producers.

Despite their brief appearance on the show, Lisa and Brian did return for the reunion, when they revealed they have since welcomed a son, Mason, and are still together. They are not, however, engaged.

“I told him I’m not gonna be a baby mama forever, you still have to put a ring on this finger,” Lisa, who issued the ultimatum initially, said at the reunion.

“I don’t think there was ever a time where I was unsure that I wanted to be married to her. It was the timeline for me,” Brian explained. He later added, “I’m 100 percent locked in. I’m not going anywhere, and I think marriage to me is very important and is definitely something I foresee in our future. We’ve done the work and are doing the work towards that, but we’re just not at that point yet.”


Antonio Mattei and Roxanne Kaiser

Antonio Mattei and Roxanne Kaiser

Due to Antonio’s ultimatum, Antonio, 30, and Roxanne, 31, did not appear to be on the same page when they first appeared on the show. Roxanne, in particular, was emphatic that she did not believe in marriage, although Antonio was eager to make things official after four years of on-again, off-again dating.

Things started out well in their individual trial marriages with Alex and Kat, but quickly became tense due to disagreements about their relationship and work priorities, the expectations of their original partners, and whether it was true that Antonio was “not challenging enough” for Roxanne.

Finally, Antonio decided to propose to Roxanne, and she said yes, much to everyone’s astonishment, including her own.

However, at the reunion, the two revealed that things weren’t ideal, with Roxanne revealing that she was grappling with the next step in their relationship. She acknowledged that she does not wear her engagement ring (and even removed it the day Antonio proposed), that she is avoiding wedding planning, and that marrying Antonio is not “top of mind right now for me.”

“I did a lot of work on myself for where I am in being engaged. I never ever thought I’d get to the place [where] I am, saying I have a fiancé,” she said at the reunion. “I’m still making progress with all of it. The ring’s the next step, the wedding’s the next step. Maybe I’m just a little slower moving to it.”

Antonio, on the other hand, still appeared ready to start their future — and disheartened by his fiancée’s response to their engagement. “I don’t agree with it, it hurts, It’s almost like your lack of pride in me and you don’t want to show anybody you’re engaged,” he told her.

All that said, the two have remained together.


James Morris and Ryann McCracken

The Ultimatum 2. (L to R) James Morris and Ryann McCracken in Season 2 of The Ultimatum

James and Ryann, both 24, were high school sweethearts who had been dating for nine years when they appeared on the show. Ryann issued an ultimatum to James since he was unsure about getting married, claimed he didn’t believe in soulmates, and she thought he was taking her for granted.

In their trial marriages, James struggled to connect with Riah, whilst Ryann easily clicked with Trey. Despite James’s reservations about her relationship with Trey, he and Ryann were able to work through their differences and establish common ground and clarity.

In the conclusion, James proposed to Ryann, who accepted. At the reunion, the two revealed that they are still together and planning their September wedding. James also said that he proposed to Ryann again in order for them to have a “more intimate” moment, and that they are presently living with Ryann’s family while they look for a house.

“I always knew it was Ryann,” James said at the reunion. “From high school to now, I’ve always known. And the experience just kinda showed me what I needed to do to make that a reality, and here we are.”


Kat Shelton and Alex Chapman

The Ultimatum 2. (L to R) Kat Shelton and Alex Chapman in Season 2 of The Ultimatum.

Kat, 28, and Alex, 32, entered the programme with opposing communication styles, prompting her to make the ultimatum.

During their trial marriages, Kat with Antonio and Alex with Roxanne, they were questioned about their relationship and job expectations, such as Alex’s desire to be pushed and Kat’s preference to avoid conflict. Roxanne even tried to intercede, telling Kat that Alex was “unsure” about her and that his behaviours were not genuine.

But their disagreements with their trial partners, and later with each other, ultimately helped them understand each other better when they reconnected and worked through their concerns.

Alex proposed to Kat during the finale, and she accepted. They announced on the reunion episode that they are still together and planning a wedding in May 2024.

“Alex is more ready to settle down than I am. He’s ready to have a house and he has, I think, more baby fever than I do,” Kat joked at the reunion.


Trey Brunson and Riah Nelson

The Ultimatum 2. (L to R) Trey Brunson and Riah Nelson in Season 2 of The Ultimatum.

Trey, 29, and Riah had been together for two years when he issued the ultimatum. Riah, 25, was hesitant to take the next step in their relationship because she had never witnessed a “happy, healthy marriage” before.

In their trial marriages, Riah struggled to develop a genuine connection with James, and spoke often about their lack of intimacy and the importance of that in a marriage. Trey, meanwhile, was a natural fit with Ryann and the two hit it off, barely having any disagreements for their trial marriage run.

Though Riah wasn’t completely comfortable with that connection — and the fact that Trey admitted to having feelings for Ryann — the two were able to work through their issues, which included Riah feeling rushed about Trey’s life timeline, not feeling satisfied (and possibly outgrown) in their relationship, and having misaligned future goals.

Trey proposed to Riah in the finale episode, and she unexpectedly said yes. The two revealed they are still engaged and are planning a destination wedding for spring 2025 at the reunion.

“I want a gold wedding, I want it to be perfect,” Riah said, as Trey added, “Things are good, but I think work, our work schedules, real life hit us again so we’re still working through that as far as getting on the same page and whatnot. But overall our relationship, it’s like night and day from what it was.”


The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is now streaming on Netflix.