The Dragon Prince Season 5 – Everything that you need to know

Netflix’s one of the most popular animated series, The Dragon Prince is successful in creating a large fanbase. Series created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond revolves around a world full of elves, dragons and humans where two princes and an Elf assassin fight to bring peace across a mystical land. how human’s desire for authority has led to destructive war affecting uncountable lives is well depicted in the series. The season 4 titled The Mystery of Aaravos, has shown Elf, Aaravos is free from prison and the nations needed to be together to stop him. It is expected that the next season will have a base on the same storyline.


In July 2020, The Dragon Prince has been renewed for 7 seasons. After season 4’s arrival on Netflix in November, last year there hasn’t been any announcement related to season 5 although it will be premiered on Netflix.

The Dragon Prince includes an extensive star cast including Jack De Sena as Callum, Paula Burrows  , Sasha Rojen, Jason Simpson, Racquel Belmonte, Jesse Inocalla, Omari Newton, Rena Anakwe, Benjamin Callins, Erik Todd Dellums.

Till now no trailer has been released yet for The Dragon Prince Season 5. Although as per the reports the series is all set to premiere in Summer 2023 so we can expect the trailer soon.