Take a look at 7 best Delhi Crime-like shows to watch


The second season of the International Emmy-winning series Delhi Crime has gotten rave reviews. Set in 2013, Delhi Crime Season 2 deals with the likely return of the Kacha-Baniyan gang – a loosely active gang that killed and robbed individuals by wearing just undergarments. Delhi Crime Season 2 likewise tackles the topic of branding “criminal tribes”, the dangerous idea that certain tribes are born criminals. Assuming you’ve loved the detailed portrayal of the human mind in Delhi Crime season 2, add these Netflix shows to watch.

1. Mai

A mother’s love knows no bounds. In this powerful series, when a daughter is apparently killed, her mom goes to every extent to ensure she gets to the bottom of the truth. The way is difficult as it is filled with dangerous men, political corruption and more.

2. Jamtara

Is it true or not that you are irritated by that fake call that congratulates you on winning a lottery of crores that you never signed up for? This Netflix show is inspired by the real-life scam that unfolded in north India where numerous men were duped by teen boys who called them by using the voice of ladies.

3. Indian Predator: Butcher of Delhi

Inspired by a real-life killer, this is a documentary series that shows how this killer would kill individuals and leave their heads outside Tihar prison. His motivation? Just to kill and execute his own little theories in his mind about humankind and what’s right and wrong.

4. She

Set in the world of police and sex laborers, this series made by Imtiaz Ali brings us into the complicated world of corruption, police acting as sex workers to extract information and the numerous mysteries that the seedy underbelly of Mumbai holds.

5. House of Secrets: Burari Deaths

A family of 9 died of mass suicide on a chilly night in Delhi. Nobody knew why. Nonetheless, it would soon be uncovered that this was a case of acute mental disturbance, following aa cult-like leader and the numerous repercussions of it.

6. Sacred Games

Based on the famous novel by Vikram Chandra, this was the 1st Netflix series original that opened to rave reviews and near-universal acclaim. The story deals with a police man, Sartaj Singh, who needs to race against time to protect Mumbai from an attack that will change the fate of the world.

7. Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein

What happens when seduction becomes harmful? In this acclaimed series, much in the vein of Delhi Crime Season 2, we follow guiltless individuals stuck at the confluence of greed and corruption.