SUGA’s upcoming documentary to feature Anderson Paak, Steve Aoki, Halsey and Ryuichi Sakamoto

The BTS member, South Korean rapper and music producer, SUGA from K-pop boy band will be seen in  upcoming documentary SUGA: Road to D-DAY, which is all set to release. The release date of the documentary in India is 21st April, 2023. The documentary will depict his worldwide journey in the quest of inspiration for his latest album D-DAY.


The mostly calm and composed Suga will be seen in a completely different zone. The rapper is seen to share the glimpse of the creative process along with the other things such as Writer’s block and other practical and philosophical musings he has when creating from scratch.

Suga will be seen taking his fans for a global tour  starting from Seoul, South Korea toTokyo, Las Vegas and beyond in this documentary.

The official trailer has released where Suga is seen wondering how to figure out things in order to start working on his solo project along with an album which has now been revealed as ‘D-Day’. The most exciting thing that the audience has witnessed in the documentary is the appearance of Halsey, Anderson Paak, Steve Aoki and Ryuichi Sakamoto. It can be seen Halsey styling Suga’s hair like her and the duo giggling about it. Suga is also seen sharing some good time with Halsey’s son Ender.

‘SUGA : Road to D- DAY’, is the story of the BTS member how after performing as a group member of BTS,  Suga is all set to start his journey as a solo artist.

Suga has earlier also release some of him solo songs. He has collaborated with many popular music artists such as Halsey, PSY, IU.