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‘Succession’ has finally come to an end after five years: Read

One of the most famous critically acclaimed drama ‘Succession’ has become a household name. The interesting plot of the series has managed to create a strong fan base. The audience was always eger to know which of the Murdoch – esque Roy family siblings will thrive till the end and take over the family company, Waystar Royco.

At the end of yesterday’s 88 minutes long finale episode we came to know thatnone of the Roy siblings won. Shiv Roy took one final flow against her brother Kendall, blowing up his plans to keep their late father’s company and become CEO. She voted for their media empire be acquired by a Swedish tech gaint, GoJo.

The long run tug of war between the three siblings turned out be a serious tussle to put focus on.

A Twitter user commented saying, “Shiv has finally become her mother. Destined to be the unhappy wife of the powerful CEO. I’m gonna be SICK.”

Another one penned, “Even when messed up and hard to digest, Shiv Roy made a smart move. Questionable, yes but her choice. She wasn’t gonna win either way and had to pick up her villain. Shiv chose to be a Lady Macbeth. Jesse Armstrong, you filthy genius. #SuccssionFinale #Succession.”