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Shotgun Wedding Twitter reviews to read before watching the romantic comedy – Check out

The romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, starring Jennifer Lopez, has been made available on Lionsgate Play. The following tweets should be read before seeing the movie.


Jason Moore is the director of the 97-minute film Shotgun Wedding, which stars Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz, and others. On January 27, 2023, the action-romance movie made its Indian television debut on Lionsgate Play. Since then, viewers have been reacting with rib-tickling laughter.

After returning to playing roles, Jennifer Lopez has been steadily releasing several films. Coincidentally, on January 26, 2001, she and Matthew McConaughey debuted in another romantic comedy movie, and her most recent film is giving fans major deja vu. Lopez has long been the queen of this kind of movies, despite the fact that the movie is packed with action scenes.

In addition to a more contemporary film like Marry Me, she has also acted in beloved feel-good films including Maid in Manhattan, Shall We Dance, Monster-In-Law, The Back-Up Plan, and more.

She is not the only Jennifer, though, who is causing the fans to go in circles. In movies of a similar nature, such as the Legally Blonde series, A Cinderella Story, Beauty and the Briefcase, and others, Coolidge has appeared frequently. Despite having been a player in this game for a while, she eventually broke through to the public with the HBO series The White Lotus, which once again had the audience on its knees and gasping for air amid the never-ending flood of chuckles.

With a gun in her hand, she is once again in a similar predicament to the HBO series, and the audience cannot get enough of it in the brand-new debut. The comment, “Five minutes in and Jennifer Coolidge is already cracking me up,” has become typical among viewers who have already seen the film.

Even though the reviews have not always been positive and in favour of the film, it has proven to be a crowd-pleaser and something that doesn’t require you to exercise your head. One of those side-splittingly hilarious movies that you may watch to escape from the outside world and just immerse yourself in uncontrollable laughter is Shotgun Wedding.

Here are some fan responses that were tweeted.

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