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Shefali Shah: ‘Arey bata to dete’, after being replaced by a ‘bigger star’ in the project!

Shefali Shah got replaced by a star in a project that became a game-changer for her.


Shefali Shah has opened up about a project in which she was replaced by ‘a bigger star’ even after she had signed it. She mentioned that at least the director could have notified her about it.

Actor Shefali Shah has discussed not being part of a project after she had signed for it. In a recent interview, though the actor didn’t name the project or the person, she disclosed that she was replaced by ‘a bigger star’.

Shefali Shah also recalled that she ‘felt terrible about it and hoped that at least the director informed her about the shift in the decision. She also said that it hurt her and she ‘lost out on a nice role’.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Shefali said, “I don’t know somebody might still sign me for a project and I would get to know the next day that I’m no more in the show or the film (shrugs). You never know. Look, I don’t know how people function. So I don’t think that incident had so much to do with me as much as it had to do with the person who did it. Finally who got cast is a bigger star, there’s no debate in it. It’s a director’s prerogative.”

She further stretched the point and said, “All it required was for somebody to make that call or the director to call me and say ‘I’m sorry or You know what we think XYZ works better for the film’. Now, that is human behaviour, that is the basic courtesy… I felt terrible about it. I felt terrible about it but I also knew the person they have cast was a bigger star, was a star, I’m not a star, I’m an actor. Of course, it hurt me. But it was more a sense of ‘Aare bata to dete (You could have told me at least)’. Secondly, it was more of a sense of, ‘S*** yaar, I lost out on a nice role’, that was it.”

She also said that she didn’t meet the person recently but got a message via someone apologising to her. The person conveyed to her, that they “didn’t realise I hadn’t let you know about it.”

Shefali Shah has become a name you resonate with today. Her impeccable acting skills take us by surprise all the time. In her next project ‘Human’, she plays a different character yet again.

During the interview of “Dil Dhadakne Do”, Anil Kapoor described Shefali Shah as a ‘Volcano of talents’.

Shefali will be seen next in the forthcoming show Human, where she plays Dr Gauti Nath. Helmed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Mozez Singh, the show unfolds unforeseen secrets of the world of medicines and their effects on people with a gripping tale of murder, mystery, lust and manipulation. It will releases on Disney+ Hotstar on January 14.