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Sharad Kelkar opens up on Family Man 2 controversy

Sharad Kelkar discusses the reaction to his latest show, The Family Man 2, and the controversy surrounding it, which depicted Tamilians negatively.

Sharad Kelkar is entirely “happy” with the response to his new web series, The Family Man 2. While many issues from the first season were resolved in this track, one remained unanswered: what occurred between him and Suchi (Manoj Bajpayee’s wife in the series, played by Priyamani) in Lonavala? Questions and memes emerge on social media.

“It’s a mystery, wait for the third season, the actor chuckles, adding, “To be honest, we’ve not started yet, so I don’t even know.”


When asked about the show’s tremendous popularity, Kelkar says he expected it and was confident because things were “bigger and mature” this time around.

“The writing, Raj & DK (directors)… it had a different class to it. It actually dropped on the OTT platform a day before (than it was meant to release). I didn’t read the reviews immediately, and got done watching the show the next afternoon. Everybody has done such a brilliant job,” he says.

The actor goes on to say that when he watches content, he does it “regardless of whether I’m in it or not, and I view it impartial and more critically.”

The release of the second season was received with some criticism, and there were calls for a ban, since some people believed it depicted Tamilians negatively. These issues, according to Kelkar, keep popping up.

Stating that whatever people in cinema or on the web is mostly “fictional”, Kelkar goes on to cite a rather relatable example: “Daadi kehti hain raat ko, ‘So ja, varna bhoot aa jaayega’. Will you say, ‘Daadi, ban horror stories’? It’s stupidity. Nobody is abusing anyone, or taking someone’s name, then why should anyone be against anything.”