Priyanka Chopra gives us a sneak-peak into her day to day shooting life – Check out

The Citadel star, Priyanka Chopra each and every action demands for spotlight. Be it Priyanka’s private life or her professional career the actress pulls off every role so effortlessly making people wonder how perfect one can be.

Recently Priyanka has shared a reel on her Instagram handle which grabbed the eye balls. In the short video Priyanka has shared some glimpse of the behind the scene moments from her film set of Citadel finale episode. It gives us a sneak peak of the rigorous hard work an actor needs to put in in order to make a movie or series successful. In some photos Priyanka is seen with bruises and blood on her face and neck, where as a in other one she is seen performing stunts. One of the most attention worthy moment is the short view of Priyanka performing action seen that will be premiered in the finale episode.

The video was shared with a caption which read, “Blood, sweat and tears, literally. So grateful for the brilliant stunt coordinators on @citadelonprime @don_thai, @jyou10 and @nikkipowell114 you made doing my own stubts feel like a cake walk. Wait, what, kidding! There was nothing easy about that but having you and your excellent team around made me feel so safe. Thank you!! Also special thanks to my amazing stunt double @neeshnation, who did all the falling/landing (the tuff stuff) on my behalf Couldn’t have done this without you all. Season finale this week PS: wait for the end. That’s @jyou10 as usual hyping me #BTS”

Reacting to Priyanka’s post Prime Video’s commented saying, “nothing like a good mud and good bath”