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Outlander Season 7: Release date, production status, plot, cast, episode count and more

This historical drama, one of the most well-liked shows, is set in 1945 and follows the lives of Claire Randall, a married battlefield nurse who is sent back in time to 1743. An Echo in the Bone, the seventh novel in the series, served as the inspiration for the seventh season of Outlander.

The seventh season of Outlander is now in production, and guess what? You don’t need to wait much longer to experience the Fraser family’s misadventures firsthand. More obstacles are likely to stand in their way, such as the Revolutionary War, which will unquestionably propel Claire and Jamie’s life into the future.

In season six, Claire was in a dangerous situation and was also by herself because the rest of the family, including Jamie, Young Ian, Bree, Roger, Fergus, and Marsali, had dispersed across the country.

What will occur in Season 7 of Outlander, then? The seventh season of the Starz Original is described in detail below.

Outlander season 7 will debut on the official networks on Friday, June 16, according to a March 23 announcement from Starz. The seventh episode will be split into two parts because, drumroll please, it will be twice as long as season 6. This was also confirmed by the network. Yes, you read that right—there will be 16 episodes.

The 16 episodes will be broken into two halves, as was previously indicated, with the second half of the season not starting until 2024.

The seventh season of the literary series Outlander will focus on the events described in the sixth and seventh volumes, A Breath of Snow and Ashes and An Echo in the Bone, respectively, by Diana Gabaldon. We anticipate the following cast members to repeat their roles based on the characters from these two books:

  • Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser
  • Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser
  •  Richard Rankin as Roger Mackenzie
  •  Sophie Skelton as Brianna Mackenzie

Not only that, but we also expect to see some of the fan-favorite faces return, including:

  • John Bell as Young Ian
  • Lauren Lyle as Marsali
  • Cesar Domboy as Fergus
  • Caitlin O’Ryan as Lizzie
  • David Berry as Lord John

Digital Spy confirmed the addition of a few more recent cast members who would carry on their character stories, including:

  • Alexander Vlahos as Allan Christie
  • Mark Lewis Jones as Tom Christie
  • Brennan Martin as Wendigo Donner
  • Chris Larkin as Richard Brown
  • Paul Gorman as Josiah and Keziah Beardsley
  • Jenny Murrah


Season 7 of Outlander will be the climax of the cliffhangers from season 6, which left the audience puzzled about what would happen next. Claire is discovered incarcerated in Wilmington in season six. She might conceivably go on trial for the murder of Malva Christie, Tom Christie’s daughter. She might even be hanged if she is found guilty. Does season 7 mark the end of Claire’s story? Season 7 will be the only way to find out.

Jamie was freed from Richard Brown’s Committee of Safety’s handcuffs in the meantime. Young Ian and John Quincy Myers are travelling with Jamie as he sets out to save Claire. The couple’s eccentric behaviour would make a second prison break impossible.

The true killer’s identity and the Fraser family’s repercussions of Wendigo Donner’s reappearance may also be explored in the seventh season.

The nation’s increasing anarchy was hinted to in the season six finale; season seven may show how it all comes to a head in the Revolutionary War (also known as the American War of Independence).

The seventh book by Diana Gabaldon takes place between the years 1776 and 1778. The Declaration of Independence was officially signed on July 4, 1776, although the war didn’t end until 1783.

The fact that Outlander has been renewed for an eighth season makes it feel as though all wishes have been granted. This implies that Jamie and Claire’s love story has more to it. Perhaps this also means that, contrary to what we initially speculated, Claire’s story won’t finish with season 7. This news is not without some negative news, though. The show’s future will be decided by season eight.