Not Hindustani Bhau, the book “Contesting Nationalism” is written by this author

Hindustani Bhau is one of the most famous YouTubers of India who is known majorly for the slangs he uses in his video. He became famous after the dialogue of his went viral in which he had said, “Nikal la***, pehli fursat mein nikal.”

He was also a Bigg Boss participant via wild card entry. He has always maintained a goon-like figure and in his videos, he targets mostly those who are against him and the country.

His real name, however, is Vikas Phatak. When we search about him on Google, we are presented with his bio which is termed as an “author”.

Under his name, it’s written that he has authored a book titled, “Contesting Nationalism: Hinduism, Secularism and Untouchability in Colonial Punjab 1880-1930”

Many fan page too, claims that the Hindustani Bhau is an author of this book. Still, we were a bit sceptical, so we researched even more on the topic.

What we found was, he IS NOT the author of this book. The fans have confused himself with another person named Vikas Phatak, who had written this book in 2018.

Hindustani Bhau surely is a well-read guy, there is no denying it, but he has not authored this book. Vikas Phatak aka Hindustani Bhau is a news reporter at “Daksh Police Times”, a local newspaper in Mumbai. In 2011, he was awarded the “Best Chief Crime Reporter Mumbai” title.

Recently Hindustani Bhau was in news for filing a case on Ekta Kapoor. He had told spot boy, “I will not tolerate anyone who speaks or does anything wrong against my country, anti-national people like Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor are promoting sexual activities in public and corrupting the mind of youth and families. They have further stopped by targeting our Indian military, their uniform and defaming its national emblem. I have time and again taken every possible action against such criminal and ill-minded people; the concerned investigation officer has assured me of strict action against the culprits.”

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