Next in Fashion Season 2 is here! Everything to know about it

Next in Fashion Season 2 is finally here, the long wait of 3 years is over now. Next in Fashion is a reality show on Netflix, it has a strong resemblance to Project Runway. Fans are excited for season 2 as Gigi Hadid will be starring in the show as a guest host, she is replacing Alexa Chung, who co-hosted the first season of the show. Along with Gigi Queer Eye’s Tan France will be back in the show.

Netflix is yet to announce the contestants for the show’s second season, but we all know that it will be another group of up-and-coming designers competing for the show’s title. The show will be dropping on Friday, March 3. Next in Fashion’s season, 2 episodes will be available to stream from 8 AM GMT


In an interview Supermodel Gigi Hadid revealed that Netflix made her audition several times, she said “They really put me through an audition process. I respected that, and it made me feel good when I got the job. I felt like I had earned it in their eyes, and so that gave me the confidence to go for it.” She added, “You get a sense of impostor syndrome and you’re like, ‘Okay, are they just giving me this show because I have a lot of followers?’ The fact that they really questioned my intentions for being on the show helped me jump into it headfirst. If they think that I can do it, then that gives me more confidence than maybe I would’ve had otherwise.”