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Netflix releases ‘Sex Education 4’ New poster

The last season of Sex Education is almost here, and to celebrate, Netflix has published new character posters depicting the return of the primary cast that has delighted the world for nearly five years. The way the characters’ faces are shown in the new posters is the most intriguing aspect of this chapter of the series’ promotional campaign. Because this is a show about teaching young people about sexuality, the new graphics are somewhat graphic, depicting the characters’ faces during the climactic moment of an intimate interaction.


Otis (Asa Butterfield) and his mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson), are among the characters depicted in the new posters. When the two met in 2019, Otis was a quiet student with absolutely no friends, but a wealth of knowledge about the relationship between sexuality and psychology thanks to his mother, who works as a therapist. Ottis’s standing at Moordale transformed when he discovered he could charge his classmates for short sex therapy sessions. He immediately became one of the most popular youngsters at the school. His path would finally take him to his closest buddies.

While Maeve (Emma Mackey) and Otis appeared to be polar opposites, their maturity and charisma caused them to gradually fall in love with each other, but life rapidly intervened, and they couldn’t find an appropriate method to communicate their feelings for one another. Maeve was transferred to a different school, leaving Otis alone with Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) back at the school where they met in the first place, just as a relationship seemed to be developing between the two of them. However, this story is nearing its logical end.

Netflix stated earlier this year that the fourth season of the adolescent comedy would be its final one, and that some cast members from prior parts would not be returning to finish their stories. It remains to be seen if Otis and Maeve will ultimately get together, and whether Eric will be able to keep the wonderful relationship he’s created with his family as audiences return to Moordale for the final time.