Lock Upp: Zareen Khan and Umar Riaz enter the jail with a fun game to lighten up the mood; Have a look

In the upcoming episode of lock upp fans will get to witness something very entertaining as Zareen Khan and Umar Riaz enter in the jail with a bang to cheer up everyone.


In the most controversial show lock upp, fans will get to witness something very entertaining in the upcoming episode. The entry of actress Zareen Khan and along with Bigg Boss fame Umar Riaz is going to create something very special in the jail. Zareen says, we all are going to play a game called, “hasi to phasi.” In this game if a girl laughs after seeing the comedy scenes, then she is going to loose the game. Zareen says the boys will get one minute to make the girls laugh, but the twist in the game is the girls will not laugh. Zareen also gives the conditions that, “ladke touch nahi kar sakte ladkiyoo ko job hi karna hai dur se kare, apna talent dikhaye.”

At first Shivam goes, and does a funny act which makes Saisha laugh. After which Munawar comes up to make Payal laugh, but Payal stands still throughout that one minute without even blinking her eyes, and doesn’t gives any reactions. Riaz says, “thoda kuch aur expressions de,” on hearing this Munawar says, “agar mene inko aur ek minute ase dekha toh mei muskurana bhul jayunga.”  After Munawar, Zareen comes up and Prince tries to make her laugh. Prince tries several jokes on her but Zareen too stands still like Payal. After which Zareen says, “see mene Payal ki strategy apply ki aur mei jeet gayi.”