Lock Upp: Wrestler Babita Phogat questions show, demands for hot water instead of luxury cigarette

Babita Phogat and Poonam Pandey want hot water for various reasons. The show makers told them that they cannot get it as it is against rules. Babita asks a question if show makers allow cigarettes on the show then why don’t they allow hot water?

Lock Upp, the new show on ALT Balaji premiered yesterday evening. During the live premiere of the show, Babita Phogat questioned the makers about providing cigarettes in the show. Actually, Babita Phogat and Poonam Pandey want hot water for different reasons.

Being an athlete, the most important aspect of an athlete’s diet may be his/her fluid intake. Athletes have to take fluids according to the temperature. That’s why Babita Phogat, who is also a wrestler, has to drink hot water during winters. That might be the reason why she is asking for it.


At the same time, some problem has come in Poonam Pandey’s throat. So she also wants to have some hot water. Till now the makers have not provided hot water to them, Babita asks a question on the hypocrisy of the show makers that if the show makers allow cigarettes in the show which is not a necessity but a luxury item, then why they allow hot water do not give.

Babita told a valid thing. Let’s wait and see what happens next.