Lock Upp: Things are easing down between Anjali Arora and Mandana Karimi after a heated up tussle; Have a look

In the lock upp leak it is seen that Anjali Arora and Mandana Karimi both are seen working on their bond after a huge fight that took place.

In the most controversial show lock upp, the fights between the contestants are getting messier day by day, the fight between Anjali Arora and Mandana Karimi took place which created a lot of massacres and disputes in the jail.  But after the fight, the bond between them seems to get alright as both of them discuss about the incident that led to the fight between them.

Mandana explains to Anjali that, “I just took your shoes and kept them up.” Just the day the fight took place. Mandana tells Anjali that, “I know a lot of things are going behind your back but I don’t want to tell everything, and the one’s those who are doing it.” “I don’t want to tell the names of those who are messing it around with you, because that is not my job to do.” Mandana just tells Anjali that she had kept her shoes up, and doesn’t wants to fall in between all this massacre. Anjali says that I know the whole story, the super Khabri had told me. Payal was the one who had thrown her shoes in the dustbin. After that Mandana tells, Anjali “I was not into all this” and both of them shake their hands and hug each other.