Lock Upp: Tension between Shivam Sharma and Payal Rohatgi continues as the former saves Azma Fallah over the latter

Squabble between Lock Upp contestant Shivam Sharma and Payal Rohatgi takes a peak, because Shivam Sharma pitched Azma Fallah in to save.


Queen Kangana’s Lock Upp, the most binge watched OTT has entered it’s finale week and the situation in the jail for kaidis is not easy to survive the week.
Shivam Sharma who was earlier seen bonding and playing along with Payal Rohatgi and Azma Fallah, is now seems to have changed sides. Shivam Sharma is getting quite along with Prince Narula and is making trouble for Payal Rohatgi in the jail.
In the recent episode where kaidis could pitch in their co-kaidi to the jailor to make them safe. Shivam Sharma pitches Azma Fallah in making Payal Rohatgi angry. Payal Rohatgi interrupts Shivam Sharma and questions him about his choice to pitch Azma Fallah while he chose Azma to lock in the last week says, “last hafte iss kaidi ko lock in kiya tha, ye kehke ki ye wildcard hai. Ek hafte me aisa kya hua ki apke vichar badal gaye”.
Shivam Sharma says he flipped. Payal Rohatgi continues to say, “wo Azma Fallah jinko unhone last hafte troll kaha tha, wo Azma Fallah jinko unhone lock in kiya tha kyunki wo wildcard hai…”
Payal Rohatgi says Shivam Sharma doesn’t have the quality of the winner he just wants to show he is a finalist says, “so this shows Shivam Sharma is the man doesn’t even stand on his own points…”
Shivam Sharma quotes, “ don’t act like a noob if you want to be a pro, I can see the jealousy in you beta , you need to grow”. Payal Rohatgi tags Shivam Sharma as ‘dumb’.