Lock Upp: SHOCKING! Mandana Karimi threatens the contestants, says, “She will not let anyone sleep”

Another fight erupted between Mandana Karimi and Nisha Rawal, fans call Mandana irritating and annoying on Twitter.

In the latest episode for the show, Azma Fallah is seen to be pouring water on Mandana Karimi’s blanket. When Mandana gets to know about the prank she asks the contestants who did this and asked,” someone put water in my blanket.”

She then puts water on Azma Fallah and both start a water fight with each other in which Azma says,” Tumne Dekha hai?” while pouring water on Mandana. To this Mandana says that she will not let anyone sleep.


In the process of Azma and Mandana’s fight, Nisha Rawal’s bed too got wet and she got angry at Mandana for pouring water on her bed when she did not even do anything to her, in the last episode both Nisha and Mandana went into an ugly fight that involved Nisha Rawal’s secret so there is still some tension between the two contestants.

Nisha went wild and threw water all around the lock and threw blankets on the contestants. There is some visible tension between team orange, it will be fun to watch what will happen next with them if they keep fighting among themselves.

Fans are not like Mandana in the show as they think she is being very personal and irritating on the show, but there is a long way to go.

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