Lock Upp: Shocking! Mandana Karimi reveals she planned her pregnancy with a well-known director

Mandana Karimi reveals her secret during her separation she was going through a tough time and it resulted in destroying so much for her.

In the Judgment Day episode Mandana Karimi came forward and told her secret to Kangana Ranaut, the inmates, and the audience, that during the time of her separation she got into a secret relationship with a very well known director, who talks about women’s rights and is an ideal to many people.
She further revealed that the two planned a pregnancy scandal together. hearing Mandana get emotional made all the inmates including Kangana Ranaut upset that tears appeared in the eyes of everyone while listening to her getting vulnerable like she is on an OTT Platform.
she added that this whole thing destroyed so much for her.


Mandana was married to businessman Gaurav Gupta in 2017 and separated from him five months later. She had filed a domestic violence case against him and his family also adding that he slept with whomever she knew. Mandana also revealed, “Before marriage, my then boyfriend’s mother used to send me flowers and doughnuts. We even went for coffee, shopping, parties, and spa sessions. She would ensure I never go out alone anywhere. Even if I did go out alone, she’d call up everyone there to ensure that I was actually at that place. her divorce finally got through in 2021.

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