Lock Upp: Shocking! Mandana Karimi reveals, her husband “slept with whoever” she knew

Mandana Karimi alleged that her husband cheated on her with many people.

The most controversial and entertaining programme which is running now is Lock Upp. It’s going to become crazier and more interesting now that more wild card contestants have joined the programme, and two past contestants have returned to the show.

We may realise that every day is equally intense and intriguing as the contestants are continually divulging their secrets. While most of the contestants revealed their secrets to save themselves from eviction, some just divulge one of their deepest secrets during the general talk. The same happened with Mandana Karimi also.


On a recent live broadcast of Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi made a big revelation about her divorce from her ex-husband and businessman Gaurav Gupta. Mandana said that her ex-husband “slept with” whoever she knew during a talk with Azma Fallah.

Mandana Karimi, speaking with Azma Fallah, remarked, “I got married at 27. We dated for two and half years, got engaged. We then courted for seven months and then got married. Then, we were separated for long. Divorce to abhi hua hai, 2021 me. We were separated. And, in those four years, he slept with whoever I knew.”

Azma was shocked to know about this. She asked Mandana, “Including friends?”

To which Mandana replied, “Mere paas friends nahi hain.”

When asked why he didn’t divorce her sooner, Mandana explained that it was a part of her secret that no one knew about.