Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma thanks his fans and well-wishers after being the first finalist of the show

In the lock upp leak, Shivam Sharma is seen thanking his fans and his well-wishers for their support, to make him the finalist in the show.

Shivam Sharma has grabbed the position as the first finalist in the show. Shivam came in front of the camera and thanked all his fans and his well-wishers for their support towards him. Shivam said, “thankyou so much everyone, due to your support and your votes I have reached over here.” “I am the first finalist of lock upp season one, and by god’s grace and well wishes I have reached up to here Shivam thanked his fans after he became the first contestant of the show to reach the finale.


Shivam, even says thanks to all those who could not vote to him as they didn’t have any mobile phones with them, but had showered all their love and support on him, with which he has reached to the finale. Shivam says, “Even if I had made any kind of any mistake try to forgive me, and mistakes are something which everyone makes, and even if I have made any such mistake then please forgive me.” Shivam says, “I have played with the bottom of my heart, and with all my dedication throughout the show, whatever challenges have come since day one up to date.” Shivam goes on to say to his fans, “during the remaining days in the jail, whatever I do in the jail, just enjoy and keep supporting me.”