Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma loses his calm during ‘Sharirik Shraam’; says, “Mereko karna hi nahi hai task”

In the lock upp leak, the angrier version of Shivam Sharma is seen during the “Sharirik Shraam.” Shivam says, he doesn’t want to get involved in the fights.

In the most controversial show lock upp, fans will get to see the angrier version of Shivam Sharma during the “Sharirik Shraam.” Shivam gets angry and says, he doesn’t wants to perform the task, where as he is ready to bear all the punishments that will be given to him for not performing the task.  Shivam says, “kaachi mere haat mei hai agar keechegi toh lagega hi naah mujhe.” Shivam goes on to say that he was just holding the scissors, he was just there on the spot. Shivam says, “karte raho bhai ladte raho jo maarzi karna hai karte raho, mujhe inn sabmei panda hi nahi hai, mei finalist hu mei kyu padhu inn jhagro mei.”

Shivam says, he doesn’t wants to get involved in all these tasks, and says he doesn’t even care about whatever else is taking place. He is the first finalist and doesn’t want to perform the task anymore and neither wants to fight.  Shivam says even now also I am doing a lot of work like cleaning and sweeping the floor, and I can even perform more work. I don’t want to get involved into all this, fights and disputes. Shivam goes on to say, “do whatever you all feel like I am not going to get involved in all this anymore.”