Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma is a true entertainer! Leaves the house in splits with his ‘sanitizer jokes’

In the upcoming episode of Lock Upp, Shivam Sharma entertains everyone through his jokes. Shivam entertains everyone with sanitizer jokes.

In the upcoming episode of Lock Upp, Shivam Sharma once again gives the true glimpse of his entertainer side. Shivam is seen with a full energetic face to do some entertaining stuffs inside Lock Upp. Shivam at first calls out the names of Zeeshan and Mandana and tells them to listen to his jokes. Shivam stands up and grabs the attention of everyone, before telling the jokes. Shivam entertains everyone through jokes, and creates a happy atmosphere around. Shivam takes a bottle of sanitizer and starts his jokes he says, “Sanitizer kills 99.99% germs, Woh jo point one percent pata hai kaun hai, yeh khana banne wale lok.” “yeh khana bana rahe log.” “yeh hai point one yeh nahi maarte, yeh maarte nahi hai yehi log hai woh point one percent.” “yehi log hai woh one percent.”

Zeeshan and Mandana start to laugh on hearing the jokes. Shivam goes on to say that this is the germs department, and they have even left the flies to roam around. “yeh hai pura keeda department, jo humare pet mei jaa raha hai.”  and points out his stomach. Everyone seems to enjoy the jokes, of Shivam. Zeeshan, Vinit enjoy the jokes throughout and are seen laughing upon hearing the jokes.