Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma becomes trouble maker for Payal Rohatgi; Azma Fallah gangs up with the former which leads to a heated war

Squabble between Shivam Sharma and Payal Rohatgi has taken a drift to fight, Shivam Sharma along with Azma Fallah troubles Payal Rohatgi in the jail.

India’s most favourite and binge watched show Lock Upp has entered it’s finale week and Munawar Faruqui is the second contestant to become a finalist. Queen Kangana’s Lock Upp has become more badass over the weeks.
Shivam Sharma who was earlier seen bonding and playing along with Payal Rohatgi and Azma Fallah, is now seems to have changed sides. Shivam Sharma is getting quite along with Azma Fallah and is making trouble for Payal Rohatgi in the jail.
Shivam Sharma throws away Payal Rohatgi’s personal belongings says her career is over after the Lock Upp. Bangs utensils while Payal Rohatgi sleeps and fight sparks between the inmates gets ugly.
Shivam Sharma also mocks Payal Rohatgi about her personal life gets called ‘ghatiya aadmi’ by Payal Rohatgi. Payal Rohatgi tags Shivam Sharma as ‘piece of shit’ say, “you piece of shit, stop touching my things”.
Shivam Sharma goes on to say, “tu thukegi mujhpe national television pe”, to which Payal replies, “tu hi thuk ke hi layak hai, usse bhi ghatiya hai”. Payal Rohatgi tags Azma Fallah as ‘aunty’ when she took side of Shivam Sharma. Azma Fallah says, “aapse thoda kam ghatiya hai”, to which Payal replies, “han han tu rehnde aunty”.
Quarrel between the inmates gets ugly, Payal Rohatgi throws water on Shivam Sharma and his bed. Shivam Sharma says he won’tlet her live happily.