Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma and Payal Rohatgi gets in a massive verbal fight after the former claims latter spitted on him

In the task where the contestant need to say about each other, Payal Rohatgi was seen saying about the task, when Shivam Sharma came up and started talking to her in a very furious marrer, later claimed she spitted on him.

In the most controversial show lock upp, the list of controversies doesn’t seem to end. The controversies in the show take place every now and then. This time the new controversy which has been added to the list is Shivam Sharma and Payal Rohatgi’s controversy. The two of them are seen getting into massive fights, as Shivam claimed that Payal spitted on him while talking.

Shivam said everyone has seen as you have spitted on me in front of cameras. Shivam gets furious and says, “Tune mujhpe thuka kase.” On hearing this Payal says, “You are just imagining,” Payal tells Shivam to get away from her, as she doesn’t wants to see him.  Payal says, “Get away from my face and don’t come near me.” Shivam gets more and more furious and is seen shouting on Payal as he says, “tune mujh pe kase thuka.” Shivam says that Payal is “batameez aurat”, and says “dikh raha hai teri paarvarish kasi hui hai logo pe thuk ti hai tu.” Shivam goes on to slam Payal saying, “Zeeshan pe bhi thuki, mujh pe bhi thuki, logo k khane pe thukti hai, Vineet k khaane pe thuka tha tune.” After that Payal says to Shivam, “tera itna jhoota naarative hai, iss jail mei aur itna jhoota admi hai tu.”