Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah discuss on who will be the next one to get locked out

In the upcoming episode of lock upp fans will get to see how Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah discuss upon who will be the next to get locked out.

In the most controversial show lock upp the days of the finale is heading near creating a lot of tensions will every contestants mind. In the upcoming episode of the game fans will get to witness Shivam and Azma saying who will be locked out of the show. the upcoming episode of the show will have a lot of twists and turns fir the fans to keep themselves entertained. Azma says to Shivam , “who do you will be locked out tomorrow.” On hearing this Shivam says, “May be Saisha,.”


   Shivam says, “lagta hail akin pata nahi hai.” Azma on hearing this replies to her and agrees with him. Azma says everyone is teasing her around by taking her name. “mera naam la laker chida rahe hai yeh log mujhe.” Shivam says there are a lot of things inside this jail, and even there are a lots of votes there in the favor of Anjali. Shivam says Anjali will be safe in the jail, just because of her votes and there is no other reason other than this. On hearing all this Azma too agrees with Shivam and replies yes. Shivam says if your fans vote for you then you automatically bag a lot of votes.

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