Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah can be seen playing funny pranks on contestants inside the jail

In the upcoming episode of lock upp both Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah are seen doing many more funny suffs inside the jail, to keep the atmosphere entertaining.


In the most controversial OTT show lock upp, Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah are always seen creating funny moments in the jail. Both of them are seen doing funny pranks and leg-pulling each other to keep the entertainment mode of the jail on. In the upcoming episode of lock upp Shivam is seen carrying Azma. After picking up he moves with her around the jail, Munawar says to him. “gir jayegi Azma niche utar usko.” Poonam on seeing all this says, “girne wali hai.” After that Shivam puts Azma down.

After that both of them are seen giving back massages to each other. They both sit by facing their face in the opposite directions, and Shivam is seen holding the hands of Azma. After which he says, “haan yeh sahi massage hai.” Along with that he starts to sing a song while holding Azma’s hand. After Azma is seen running behind him in the entire jail. Shivam after that tries to hold the ceiling and tries to do an exercise. After doing all this Shivam comes down. Poonam says to Azma, “you don’t go with him.” After which Azma replies, “yes this is a nice idea.”  While Shivam Sharma does all the funny things inside the jail, every contestant keeps on looking at him and Azma.