Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma accuses Payal Rohatgi of playing the victim card always; slams her for using abusive language

Situation between inmates worsen, clash between Shivam Sharma and Payal Rohatgi creates scene during the task.


India’s most watched OTT show Lock Upp, is now left with seven kaidis among which two kaidis have already made it to finale.With all the juggling of kaidis to cope up with the surprises makers put into the show, kaidis also are each other’s trouble in the jail.
Conflict between Shivam Sharma and Payal Rohatgi is taking a toll in the Lock Upp. Fans have been seeing the cat fight between the inmates for a long time now. Friends then enemies now Payal Rohatgi and Shivam Sharma both have been creating distress for each other in the recent episodes as well.
In previous episodes Shivam Sharma was seen pouring protein on Azma Fallah and Payal Rohatgi’s beds, while they were asleep. He then blamed it on Azma Fallah.
In the recent episode where all the kaidis were in the common area and were given a task by the jailor, Squabble between Shivam and Payal turns ugly Shivam Sharma accuses Payal for using abusive language and playing the victim card all the time. He also said that just because she’sa girl she gets away with it. Mocks her for not being in the finale to which she replies, “trophy to mai leke jaungi rote baithja….”
Shivam Sharma accuses Payal Rohatgi for using abusive language says she talks to everyone the same way and later uses the victim card says, “ladki hai to kya hua ye aaj tak kabhi tameez se baat karti hai?”….
Payal Rohatgi says, ”
fatgayi boldi to what’s wrong?”..
Shivam Sharma says if guys on the television says something like this to a girl then everyone would have given it a different angle.