Lock upp: ‘Sharirik Shraam’ creates a lot of trouble in the jail; How will the troublemaker Prince Narula react to this situation?

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, the Sharirik Shraam of making a “khatiya” has created a lot of disputes and massacres in the jail.  

As the grand finale is coming nearer and nearer the competition in between the contestants seem to increase. The controversies and the disputes in the jail are increasing day by day. Every contestant is seen fighting and quarreling for grabbing their positions in the finale. This time the “Sharirik Shraam” is all about making a “khatiya.” Both the groups get into their own work of making the “khatiya.” They are seen taking the wooden blocks and the straps to prepare the “khatiya.”

Everything till now was alright and perfect. Things drastically change when the troublemaker Prince Narula enter in between them. Munawar Faruqui tries to hold him back so that Prince could not touch the “khatiya.” Prince says, “thoda trouble toh karna hoga naah.” Enters to break their “khatiya.” Prince is seen stepping into the “khatiya”, and tries to smash it and break it into pieces. Azma Shouts out loud on seeing this. Whereas on the other hand Payal is seen taking her “khatiya”, and runs with it into another room. Munawar and Payal move into another room and locked the door from inside. Munawar says, “yeh aadmi jab se aya hai jeena haaram karke rakha hai.”  Things seem to get messier as Prince tries to push the door, for entering the room.  Payal shouts out loud and calls Shivanm, Shivam on the other hand moves away from all of the contestants, and says, “I am going from here, and I don’t want to lose the finale because of all this.”