Lock Upp: Sara Khan talks about her journey on the show; says, “It was a crazy roller coaster ride”

After getting evicted from the reality show ‘Lock Upp’ Sara Khan has a lot to say about the show and her con-contestants.

Actress and ex-inmate Sara khan expressed how her journey in show went. She said,” it was a great experience, something very adventurous which I did not expect. Since it was the first season I was totally unaware as to what would happen in the game. I was completely naive when I entered the show. I don’t think I could have expected a more adventurous journey than this. It was a crazy, roller coaster ride and a great experience.”

Fans loved her personality in the show, how she carried herself with grace. When she was asked on her reaction with her ex-husband Ali Merchant entered the show as a wildcard, Sara candidly answered by saying, “ Yes, there was a phase when I had lost interest in the game as my ex, my past came on the show who I don’t even want to name, as I don’t want to give unnecessary importance to that particular person. After he entered the show I was so disgusted because I didn’t want to see his face again and again. I was really disinterested at one point of time. That was a wrong decision and I understood because it was my game and I was involved since day 1. I shouldn’t have lost interest in the game. But this is how I am in real life. I don’t regret whatever decision and calls I took inside.”


She added by saying ‘Ali doesn’t affect me that much jitna Mera naam Uske saath likha hua aana affect karta hai’ further in the topic she revealed, “ If he believes that it was not because of me and the past controversy we had. Then maintain that dignity and he shouldn’t have tortured me by trying to talk to me. Aap mujhse baat karna kyu chah rahe they, aap Apna game khelte… I had problem with that. Rest whatever happened in my life I don’t consider it as a mistake and everyone makes mistakes in their life. I think it was a lesson for me. He doesn’t affect me that much jitna Mera naam Uske saath likha hua aana affect karta hai… enough of using my name.”

People are waiting to see Sara enter back into the show as a wildcard as they miss seeing her in the show.

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