Lock Upp: Sara Khan breaks down in front of her teammates; says, “I’m glad with what I’ve earned here”

In the Lock Upp leak fans will get to see Sara Khan in a very emotional side of Sara Khan as she is seen sobbing and discussing her journey around her teammates.

In the Lock Upp, leak Sara Khan is seen with tears in her eyes. She tells about what she has done inside the Lock Upp jail. Sara discusses everything around her teammates. She is emotional about her journey inside the jail. Poonam Pandey and other teammates who belong to the Blue team and Nisha too is seen consoling Sara. Munawar tells that everything was difficult for everyone. Karanvir tells that, “bahut difficult tha sabke liye.” Karanvir also tells her, “nahi jaogi Sara.” Sara on hearing that tells that everything is not about going. Sara Khan is seen discussing about the previous events that took place inside the Lock Upp jail.

Sara is seen in tears, and tells that whatever she has done in the show she is glad. She tells her team mates, Karanvir that she trusts him and looks up to him but she can’t trust Anjali. She doesn’t trusts much upon anyone other than Karanvir. Almost everyone from her team comes to console her, and Karanvir tells her that it was not easy and was difficult for everyone. Sara tells that everything is not about going out it is just about what I have earned over here and with that she tells, “I am glad with what I have earned here.”