Lock Upp: Sangram Singh applauds Payal Rohatgi for revealing she can't conceive; says, "She is a very brave girl" | Business Upturn

Lock Upp: Sangram Singh applauds Payal Rohatgi for revealing she can’t conceive; says, “She is a very brave girl”

Sangram Singh praised her girlfriend Payal Rohatgi for admitting that she will be unable to conceive and that they can adopt or, if it is not possible, consider surrogacy.


Payal Rohatgi has been the centre of attention since she confessed that she is unable to conceive. In Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp, she revealed her painful truth to the cameras. The 37-year-old actress was overcome with emotion as she discussed her infertility problems.

Payal revealed that she has even requested her lover Sangram Singh to marry someone who is capable of bearing children. Her shocking statement brought tears to the eyes of the audience. The clip in which she revealed this, became a huge hit as soon as it went viral on different social media platforms.

But now his boyfriend Sangram Singh reacted to what she said. In the conversation with ETimes, Sangram said, “Payal is a very brave girl. I am proud of her. Yes, her IVF failed and the doctors told her that she won’t be able to conceive. But, so what? What is most important is that we love each other as we are.”

He added, “Tomorrow, the same problem I could have had; maybe I was unable to produce kids. Would Payal have left me then? Certainly not. Yes, she did tell me that I should start looking for someone else to marry and have kids of my own, but I could only laugh at what she suggested. We are together and we shall remain together forever.”

He went on to say, “Are people who have kids all happy? Kya kar liya hai un logone ne jinke bachche hain? Are they superior? So what’s the big deal about kids? Love between partners is important and that’s all that matters.”

Sangram admitted that Payal’s inability to conceive has saddened her on a few occasions, but that he has always stressed to her that they can always adopt. And if not adopted they can also proceed with surrogacy.

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