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Lock Upp: Saisha Shinde and Payal Rohatgi’s secret leaves everyone heartbroken

In the last judgment day, the two unsafe contestant Saisha Shinde and Payal Rohatgi’s secret has defiantly bought spine chills among the fans and the audience of the show.


In the most controversial show lock upp, the days of the finale are coming nearer and nearer. Fans are getting to see a lot of twists and turns in the show, which is keeping them glued to the screens. During the last judgment episode host, Kangana Ranaut said, the two unsafe contestants Saisha Shinde and Payal Rohatgi got a chance to say the secrets related to them. Saisha and Payal both of them came up with their secrets in the secret telling round.

Saisha began by saying her secret, “she had never said that secret to anyone, and was hidden within her.” She said, “She has a favorite Indian designer, and when she got the chance to meet him she was very excited, and then he called her to the hotel room, Saisha and the designer had hugged each other, and after that something happened which made Saisha cry, she went on saying, that he did the same thing with around seven or eight boys.” After Saisha Payal came up with her secret and said, there was a love angle, which was very detrimental with her personal life which pushed her heavily into drinking. Payal said, “she used to drink for 48 hours along with that she was also on prescription drugs, and at times suicidal and had even tried to cut her hands too.” Payal even cried while telling her secret. After hearing two secrets from both of them it was very emotional for everyone in the jail as some of them were even seen in tears.