Lock Upp: Prince Narula to decide who will win the next ‘ticket to finale’? Have a look at contestants giving a tough fight to win it over

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, the troublemaker Prince Narula has got the power in his hands where he can take kaidis directly to the finale.

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, the task which is given to the contestants promises that on winning it, they will directly go to the finale. Whereas there is one more twist, as the troublemaker Prince Narula has got the golden tickets in his hands which will again help the kaidis to reach the finale once they achieve it. The condition has been provided by the jailor, where the contestants need to get the tiles from Prince in just fifteen minutes.  Payal tells Prince, Let people play their own individual game now, and they should not get this golden opportunity freely. On hearing this Munawar says, “I am going to play my individual game now.” Munawar says we are all ready if you will give the golden ticket to Ali. On hearing this Prince replies, “I will think about this.”

Prince explains to Azma and says, “Agar tum game open nahi karogi to logo ko pata kase chalega ki kaun andar reh sakta hai aur kaun bahar jaa sakta hai.” Prince tells to Payal if she wants to win the task then she should give the tiles to Saisha in order to save Munawar. The guards say to Prince that now he can decide who is going to be selected by him, and give the golden ticket to that particular kaidai. Prince even says he can change the game.