Lock Upp: Prince Narula proves he is not afraid to play his own game- “If I get a chance, I’ll go against a contestant and I am not at all a darpook”

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, the trouble maker Prince Narula says whenever I feel I should go against the people I go and I am not at all a darpook in this game.


In the most controversial reality OTT show lock upp, fans will get to witness a lot of things during the up coming episode as the trouble maker is seen saying that he is not at all afraid to go against someone in this game. The game of giving tags to each other has created a lot of heated up situation inside the jail. Where a lot of them are seen creating a series of controversies.

While a post came up saying if you are a winner then why are you afraid to play your own game. On reading this Prince says, “yeh mere bare mei likha hai.” Prince is seen giving his name as he says giving the reason, “he sits with a particular group of people inside the jail, and there are some people in jail, who have problems with this.” Prince says, “I sit with a few amount of people as because I don’t get the same energy from the others.” Prince says, “mujhe bhi iss ghar mei koi asa insaan chiye jisse mei bat kar pau aur uske saath baith saku.” Prince goes on saying in the terms of game I will play against everyone no matter who he or she is.” Prince says “whenever I get a chance I go against them, and I am not a looser or I am not at all frightened.”