Lock Upp: Prince Narula gets agitated with Azma Fallah’s misbehaviour; Says, “Aap thoda sa distance rakh kar baat kariye”

In the lock upp leak Prince Narula says to Azma Fallah he wants her to clean her thoughts in her mind, and maintain a distance while talking to him.

In the most controversial show lock upp, the trouble maker Prince Narula seems to have a very tough time with Azma Fallah and he says her to maintain a large distance from him while talking to her. Prince says to Azma whatever thinking that you have in your mind you should clean it, and other than that you should maintain a proper distance from me while talking. On hearing this Azma says, “you should clean your thinking first I will definitely clean mine too.” On hearing this Prince says I have a clean thinking in mind. Other than that you should keep a distance from me while talking.

Prince says “agar mera buss chalet oh mei apko isse double distance mei rakhu.” On hearing this Azma says then why have you  taken an entry in this show, just go away. Prince says I want to see you going out from the jail. On hearing this Azma says this is just a dream in your head, you should often see these types of dream. This dream of your’s is never going to get fulfill. Azma says till now you have won many reality shows, but this time you are not going to win the show. On heaeing this Prince says, “let’s see one week is still remaining.”