Lock Upp: Pottery workshop is all set to lighten up the mood of the inmates; Have a look!

In the upcoming episode of lock upp fans will get to see a new task that is awaiting for the contestants, as this time they are given the task of make pottery.


In the most controversial show lock upp, the different kinds of tasks given to the contestants creates a mood of excitement and energy among them. This time they are given the task of making pottery by the jailor. The workshop is all about making things out of mud, with the help of “Govindji.” He helps out the contestants to make the pottery items. After that everyone is given the equipment’s to prepare the pottery. Azma says, “Maze ka hai yeh task.”

Everyone is seen making the items and the potter helps them out with the items that they are trying to make. Payal says, “kya yeh woh hi kicheed tha jo humare muuh pe daala tha.” Payal, Saisha, Shivam get into making the items. In between Saisha says, “mujhe bhi kuch alag se banna hai.” On hearing this Poonam says, “I know what you want to make.” Saisha then says, “I think Payal bhi who hi bana rahi hai jo mei bana naah chahti thi.” Payal says, “yeh easy hai.” Shivam too gets into making the items. After making all the items they all their items, to the potter to show him, where they were successful in making the items by themselves. Munawar says, “ab Govind kaka ko raat ko neend nahi ayegi ki yeh kya dekh liya.”