Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi’s fans trend, “BINDAS BADASS PAYAL” on Twitter; Claim she is the most deserving winner of the show

Fans of Payal Rohatgi trend “BINDAS BADASS PAYAL” on Twitter to show their support for him.

Since it first aired, Ekta Kapoor’s Lock Upp reality programme has made inroads into everyone’s hearts, and the main reason for this is the presence of controversial contestants on the show. The participants made news for a variety of reasons, ranging from divulging their secrets to inciting fights. Payal Rohatgi is the only competitor who has made news for a variety of reasons, ranging from sentimental to confrontational.

Payal, who has sparked interest in the game in recent weeks owing to her unique playstyle, is also one of the show’s most polarizing participants. She is sometimes even not backed by her own teammates. She said a number of things that were controversial, such as labelling Zeeshan a terrorist and banning halal meat. She recently opened up about her infertility and break down in front of the camera. But one thing is for sure, is that she put life into a one-sided game.


Now her fans trend “BINDAS BADASS PAYAL” on Twitter to show support for her. It trended on Twitter in 18th position garnering 33.3K tweets. Have a look at their fans’ reactions:





Recently, when Ekta Kapoor entered Lock Upp, she also labelled Payal as the most Bad*** contestant of the show because of her efficient individual game.

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