Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi takes a dig on Munawar Faruqui by bringing up his recently disclosed secret

The verbal spat broke out in Lock Upp reality show as Payal Rohatgi dubbed MunJali bond as drama and brings his past in between all this.


Lock Upp is getting messier day by day as contestants are now doing personal attacks on each other.

Munawar’s recent admission about his marriage and a child attracts so much scrutiny done by the media and audiences but it seems that this scrutiny is now knocking doors of the show. Recently, Payal Rohatgi was seen bringing Munawar’s past life in between verbal spat.

Actually, in a recent live feed, Payal broke Anjali’s cup (on which MunJali was written) which was gifted by Ankita Lokhande to her, after which Anjali also broke Payal’s belongings. The fight escalated further when Munawar and many other contestants took Anjali’s side.

Enraged by this Payal continuously shout that how she broke her “branded” belongings for a mere cup. To which Karanvir replied, “Emotion hai wo… You can’t compare emotion to money.”

After hearing this, Payal further flared up and said to Munawar, “Emotions… Yes… Yes… Emotions Maine bhi dekhe hain Munawar Faruqui ke. Kangana ne jo dikhaye uske past ke baare me. Wo emotions bhi dekha.”

She further added, “Ye to drama karte ho na show ke liye, kro drama, uspe mera stuff matt destroy kro.”

By saying this, she is targeting “MunJali bond” who dominates most of the show, As soon she said this, the verbal spat further escalated. Where most of the contestants took Munawar’s side, Azma Fallah took Payal’s side by saying that whatever she said is correct.

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