Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi reveals her secret that has helped her be on this show for so long

Payal Rohatgi in conversation with Prince Narula reveals her secret, says kaidis like Mandana Karimi never played on field and got evicted


Trouble maker of the jail Prince Narula has made lot of trouble for the kaidis, and the show is only few days away from the finale. In the recent episodes of the Lock Upp all the contestants competed for the ‘ticket to finale’. Shivam Sharma got the ticket to finale whereas contestant Poonam Pandey and Azma Fallah couldn’t get through it.
During a conversation with Payal Rohatgi, Prince Narula got slammed by her saying, “poora show karo aur fir task ki bathen karo, performance ki bathen karo”.
Payal Rohatgi continues say that this is a personality show, task matters but as much as one’s personality does says, “ye personality show hai, yaha par task is obviously a very important part but that is not a deciding factor”.
Payal Rohatgi admits to have not come this far on the show only because of her performance in the tasks says, “mai apne task ke badaulath apne brownie points nahi lene wali”. Also admits that she doesn’t want Munawar Faruqui to go into the finale.
Prince Narula replies, “gira to diya” with reference to the task given to kaidis earlier. Payal Rohatgi says, “life me we all play to win, nobody play’snot to win. Arena me yahi sochje jaate hai ki hum khelenge Mandana to aisi player thi ki wo khelti hi nahi thi”.
Payal Rohatgi condemns Mandana Karimi of not being a good player on the ground says, “arena me jaate hi kuch karti hi nahi thi” .