Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi opens up on her love life and a hurtful past experience; Have a look

In the lock upp leak Payal Rohatgi is seen discussing with Shivam Sharma about her new liking in jail.

In the most famous OTT reality show lock upp, were fights disputes, massacres happen every now and then. Even in between that there are some love stories and likings that are seen happening in the jail. It is seen that Payal Rohatgi is discussing about her new love life with Shivam Sharma. Payal says that she was hurt very badly during a particular point of time. During that moment she had thought of getting into a close relationship with a girl. Payal goes on to say, if there is any such vibe even from a girl that gives you a perfect feeling then there is nothing wrong. Payal says, “life mei koi rules to nahi hai naah, ki yeh sahi hai ya phir yeh galat hai.” Shivam interrupts Payal in between and says if this your first love then, I would like to say something on this matter.  Shivam goes on to says “love happens for one time only, if that same thing happens for twice that that is not love.”

Shivam indicates to Payal and says if this is really your first love, then I can go and talk to their bodyguards for you. Payal asks to Shivam that if he hears out that two women are in a relationship then how would he feel, would he judge that relationship. To which Shivam replies saying, “as long as you were happy then everything was alright.”