Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi gives a new tags to Shivam Sharma; says, “You should be controlled" | Business Upturn

Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi gives a new tags to Shivam Sharma; says, “You should be controlled”

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, fans will get to witness how Payal Rohatgi gives tags to Shivam Sharma before the finale.


In the most controversial show lock upp, fans get to witness the clashes and the fights among the contestants every now and then. In the upcoming episode Payal Rohatgi is seen giving tags, to Shivam Sharma. Payal says there is a hashtag for crossing the limits. Payal says from nowhere Shivam is a positive one, and he always displays negativity. On hearing all this Shivam says, “it is completely your belief.” “woh toh apka manna hai.”  Payal says Shivam is always into something or the other and is also seen  destroying things.

Few days back Shivam was seen disturbing Payal with his pranks as he banged the utensils to disturb her sleep. Payal further goes on to say, “Shivam should be controlled now, and he is getting out of hands.” Payal says, that is the reason I choose the name of Shivam. Further after all this Azma Fallah also takes the name of Shivam. She explains by saying, “every day at night, he is found disturbing while some one is sleeping or does some work, by doing the same stuff every time. “ “People get very irritated by this, Shivam also says something or the other to disturb people.” Azma also says, “Shivam out of control ho chukka hai, and he should be controlled now in the jail.”