Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi gets into a heated argument with Prince Narula; slams, “Mein task ke beech mein dosti nahi la sakti tumhari tarah”

In the lock upp leak Payal Rohatgi was seen telling, Prince Narula “mei task ko task ki tarah leti hu dosti ko beech mei Nahi lati.”

In the most controversial show lock upp, fans will get a lot to see this week as the game is getting heated up in every moment as the show is heading towards finale. Prince Narula says Payal Rohatgi’s friendship doesn’t lasts long, and her friendship bond is week. On hearing this Payal says, “the friendship is not broken I am just doing the task.” Payal says I cannot bring my friendship in between the task.

I don’t want to bring friendship to the task, like the rest of the people in jail. Payal slams Prince and says, “mei task ko task ki tarah hi karti hu, ap mere upar lanchan maat lagaiye, ki mere pe laanchan maat lagaiye ki meri dosti kaachi hai.” Payal goes on to say don’t blame me I have done my task by following the rules. After all this Payal says to Prince, “you have not done any favor to me! So don’t commend on my friendship.” On hearing all this Shivam gets up and says, “even though I am a finalist, I have done the task by doing a favor to her, by helping her with all my efforts.” Prince replies to Payal and goes on saying, “Even I am here to play the task, and follow the rules of the game.”