Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi dubbed Anjali Arora as a “neech aurat” referencing her controversy with Karanvir Bohra

Payal Rohatgi reminds Karanvir Bohra that Anjali Arora once dubbed him “neech” while he is defending her.

The consequences of Payal Rohatgi and Anjali Arora’s big brawl are highlighted in the newest episode of Lock Upp. In the house, people are split into two groups. One is who supports Payal and the other is who is against Payal.

As Payal was upset from this whole awful experience, she seeks out Karanvir Bohra for help. She approaches Karanvir to discuss a task. She said, “In a task you want to do vandalism, you do. But the level that you go, shows your thought. She called you naag, that’s being ghatiya aurat.”


Karanvir rectifies her and informs Anjali that she was the one who penned “neech” word for him. Payal responds to this by saying, “You are not neech. You haven’t done anything cheap with her. You have offered her something in front of camera. You haven’t offered her anything in the bathroom. You had the guts to offer her in front of the camera.”

She then went on to highlight the reason why she did this. She said, “She rejected the offer just because she found a better player, according to her, Munawar. And she rejected your offer after keeping it in hands for 15 days. So that is neech aurat. Do you understand? She wanted to sail in both the boats.”

For the uninitiated, Anjali was assigned a task in the episode to defame three people and write their names on the bathroom mirror. Poonam, Azma, and Karanvir Bohra were all mentioned by Anjali.

Payal then breaks down during the same conversation with KVB, recounting how the whole house was against her and was supporting Anjali. She sobs in front of Karanvir, claiming that Azma was the only one who made a stand for her.

Karanvir expresses his regret to her, adding, “I am sorry that you looked miserable and I couldn’t defend that.”