Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi declares a war against Prince Narula; says, “Mujhe appka koi ehsaan nahi chaiye”

In the lock upp leak Payal Rohatgi is seen shouting out at Prince Narula and says “mujhe aage se koi favour nahi chaiye, ase ghur ke maat dekho.”

In the most controversial OTT show lock upp, Payal Rohatgi is no doubt one of the most controversial contestants of the show who is known for creating some spicy controversies every now and then. This time she is seen shouting at Prince Narula and saying, “Mujhe koi favor nahi chaiye.” On hearing this Prince says, “arreh! sab kuch favour laker bathi ho aur ab keh rahi ho ki mujhe koi favour nahi chaiye.” Char baar toh mene khud ne favour kiya hai tumhare upar.

after this Payal says I fought for the game and you are not the only one who came to help me and do a favor for me. Payal says, “asa maat dekho ki tum bahut aasan karte ho.” Payal says yesterday I had a fight with Prince and I was not talking to him. Payal shouts out at Prince and says, “You handle your own game, I don’t want a single favor from you.” “I can manage myself and my game.” Prince goes on to say, “sab aasan lakar bathi ho.” On hearing this Payal says, “I fought for myself, and I gave my points.” After seeing all this Shivam too came up and says, “Yes you were the one who had taken all the favor.”

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