Lock Upp: Nisha Rawal opens up about trolling after her divorce: “I wanted to just lock myself…”

Nisha Rawal was the first announced contestant from Kangana Ranaut hosted reality TV programme ‘Lock Upp.’ Earlier, Nisha was viciously trolled for speaking about her trauma in public.


Kangana Ranaut’s first announced contestant was Nisha Rawal who announced the reality TV show ‘Lock Upp’. The reality show is expected to be extremely controversial, having had its fair share of issues with celebrities.

Last year, Nisha Rawal and her husband, actor Karan Mehra got divorced. She faced a lot of backlash after she filed a domestic abuse case against him. Nisha was viciously trolled for speaking about her trauma in public.

But now in her recent discussion, she has talked about the trolling she got after separating from Karan Mehra. Nisha Rawal told the media that she spoke about the incident only twice, once during the press conference and once during an interview.

The actress said that she never discussed it face-to-face with anyone as it was not a fodder for gossip. Nisha admitted that she was very sensitive while talking to the media at that time and she was scared and in agony. She said, “That day I just wanted to lock myself behind a door and be there forever but I came out and said. It takes courage and I’m proud of it.”

Apart from this, she also revealed that she was looking for a job at McDonald’s for a living and was also trolled for throwing a lavish birthday party for her on Kavish’s birthday and using branded bags.