Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui points out his dislikes towards Azma Fallah; says, “I don’t like your individual personality”

In the lock upp leak Munawar Faruqui is seen pointing out at Azma Fallah and says what he fills about her, as per the things which she does in the show. Munawar tells her, “I don’t like your individual personality.”

In the most controversial show lock upp the contestant has got the chance to tell how they feel about each other as per the things they do in the show. Munawar too gets up and starts to say about Azma Fallah and points out to her saying, “I don’t like your individual personality.” Munawar says, “I don’t like your individual personality it might be the fact that people or audience might like your individual personality, but I don’t like your personality.” On hearing this Azma says “even I don’t like your personality.”

Munawar points out Azma and says you should not throw bad words at other people rather you should perform in the task and prove yourself. You should work on your skills to develop yourself and should not get into the personal fight with others. On hearing all this Azma says, “jo gaali dega usko gaali hi badle mei milegi.” Azma says to Munawar that he loves to gain sympathy. Munawar goes on to point Azma and says, “according to me you are not at all a badass, and as per my opinion you are a troll.” On hearing this comment Azma goes on to say Munawar “tum bhi sabse baade troll ho, bahar bhi troll hi karte ho.”

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