Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui is super excited for the final week; Have a look

In lock upp, Munawar Faruqui came up in front of camera and said he is super excited for the finale week. Munawar gives the hints that everyone is going to face a tough time throughout this week.

In the most controversial show lock upp the day of finale is coming nearer and nearer. Munawar Faruqui came up in front of the camera and said a lot about his excitement. Munawar went on saying that this week, is going to be very tough for everyone. Munawar says, “finale ka jo hafta hoha naah! Who bahut hoga tight.” Munawar gave the reference of cricket and said just like a cricket match were everyone gets extremely nervous on which team will win. Same situation has taken place over here too. Even Munawar futher mentioned that, “yeh jo hafta hone wala hai naah yeh saari cricket match se bhi khatarnak, hone wala hai.”

Munawar says there will be a lot of twists and turns that is going to take place during this week, and there will a scary, nervous and the feeling of excitement among everyone throughout this week. Munawar says this week is very important for him, as there will be lots and lots of drama throughout the week. Munawar also urges his fans to keep their eyes on the screens to witness every small thing that is going to take place. Munawar thanks to all the fans of the show the love and the affection which the fans have shown towards the show has made it so much popular.