Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui is having some fun time, roasting Azma Fallah; calls her ‘nalli’

In the lock upp leak, Munawar Faruqui is seen doing leg pulling of Azma Fallah as he says her, “nalli Azma Fahah.”

In the most famous OTT show lock upp, the contestants are always seen fighting, slamming and are also seen continuously doing leg pull of each other. This time it is Munawar Faruqui who is seen roasting Azma Fallah. Munawar says, Azma Fallah as “Nalli.” On hearing this Azma says, “toh who nalla bakra sasta bakra, jo eid mei bahar who laker ghumte hai naah, saste bikne wale bakra.” To which Munawar replies “goat.”

Munaawar says you do dusting and all cleaning and you claim yourself to be a Hollywood actress. Munawar goes on to say, for the very first time if anyone sees you they will immediately get the feeling that you are a Hollywood actress. Munawar then starts to say it in a different manner, and tries to pronounce it in a different actress. On hearing this Azma tries to correct Munawar with a correct accent. Munawar tries out for two three times, and then he says, “ase accent nahi nikalta naah mera.” Azma says do it once again. Munawar tries to pronounce to out. Munawar goes on to say to Azma that Hollywood is all about outside the India, and by looking at you that feeling comes from within that you don’t belong from here. You completely belong from outside. Munawar goes on to roast Azma and says I don’t even think that you belong from this plant. On hearing this Azma says, “Wow! What a thinking.”

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