Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi’s personal attack on Nisha Rawal- “The guy you were kissing during your marriage was here a few days ago. Were you kissing here too?”

Mandana Karimi has sure brought fire with her in the Lock Upp house, during her fight with Nisha Rawal the former revealed some things that confused the audience and left them wanting answers.

In the latest promo for the show, Mandana Karimi and Nisha Rawal are seen to be arguing with one another over a spill of water by Mandana on Nisha, but soon the topic shifted to Nisha Rawal’s secret that she revealed a few episodes back.

Her secret that she miscarried a baby and was going through a lot of changes but did not get any emotional and mental support from her then husband, she eventually confided in one of her old friends and got so close to him that at one point they both had a moment and shared a kiss.


Recalling this secret Mandana said that, the guys you kissed was here a few days back right? Were you both kissing then as well. Hearing her statement, made Nisha angry and the argument elevated leaving the contestants shocked hearing what Mandana said.

It is not clear who she was referring too, but stay tuned for more updates!